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AI Film Festival Submission Deadline Tomorrow

New York is set to host the first annual AI Film Festival in February, with submissions open now for filmmakers to showcase their work using AI-generated content and editing techniques. The festival, which is being hosted by Runway ML, one of the companies behind text-to-image AI system Stable Diffusion, is looking for films between one and 10 minutes in length.

According to Runway’s CEO Cristóbal Valenzuela, “I think we’re heading to a future where a lot of the content and the entertainment and the media that you see online will be generated.” He believes that AI tools can level the playing field for budding moviemakers and open the doors for nontechnical people and creatives at large.

Creators won’t be penalized if they use AI tools from other companies, and can use techniques such as background removal, frame interpolation, and motion tracking to help make their films. The festival is accepting public submissions until January 23rd, and finalist films will be announced on February 10th.

The judges, which include Cristóbal Valenzuela and Holly Herndon, will assess the films based on originality, narrative cohesion, the quality of composition and the AI techniques that were employed. The top five films will receive cash awards, with the grand prize winner taking away $10,000.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to showcase your work and be recognized as a pioneer in the field of AI filmmaking. Hurry, the deadline for entries is tomorrow, January 26, 2023. Submit your film now via a Runway link and be a part of this groundbreaking event.

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